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I recently retired from a local Community College, where I worked for 40 years! I held many positions over the years, from part-time front desk receptionist (when I was a student), Faculty Secretary, Word Processor, Admissions Assistant, Secretary to the Director of Admissions, and finally as the Events Coordinator. I worked with students, parents, professors, government officials, bridal parties and student activities administrators. I had to interact with a very diverse population.

I am happily married, have one grown son, an adorable 20 month old granddaughter and a Crestedpoo named Taz! We live in the country, which was always where I wanted to live, where we are surrounded by woodlands, corn fields, a horse farm and lots of nature! I love the outdoors – gardening, walking, camping, and bluegrass festivals. I have become very happy and content.

BUT it has not always been like this. I was a single mom for many years (15). I raised my son alone, so I know about working more than one job, stretching money to pay the bills, time management, being both mom and ‘dad’, and trying to stay positive. It wasn’t easy, but I did it; and I feel it made me a stronger person. 

I met my husband, Keith, 16 years ago and together we have built a very happy home. He plays upright bass in two Bluegrass bands. This keeps us pretty busy in the Summer; we go traveling and camping to different Mid-Atlantic Bluegrass Festivals. Of course, we have our struggles, just like anyone else, but we try to put things into perspective. We try not to be too serious about things. Being happy, content and comfortable is always our main priority.

Over the years, I have helped family members and friends with personal issues. I enjoy helping people. I have always had a ‘knack’ for dealing with problems. When I look back, I realize I was doing ‘life coaching’ for a long time! After I retired, I decided to go back to school and become a Life Coach. I was certified in January. With the personal knowledge I have and tools I have learned in my coaching classes, I would like the opportunity to help others. Everyone deserves to be happy!!!




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